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5 Stars

“When an air compressor exploded at the manufacturing plant where I worked, cast iron shrapnel blew through a cinder block wall and into the left side of my body. I’ll never be the same, but Bill Curtis was there for me and helped me recover $8.5M in injuries.”

– Danny Turney


“Very helpful and understanding people.”

– Celeste Burchhardt


“They handled my claim in a timely manner, with compassion and professionalism.  I would highly recommend this firm to anyone.  I am very grateful to Bill Curtis who went out of their way to help me as a client. Curtis Law Group is awesome.”

– Abigail Pardy


Very informative.”

– Doris Fajardo


In 2016 someone ran a red light that resulted in the worst car accident I have ever experienced. I was injured pretty badly and my car totaled- destroyed. Having never been involved in a car accident that severe, I had no idea where to start and how to make sure I would recover.. I reached out to The Curtis Law Group based on a referral and immediately they began taking care of me. From the first initial consultation, their team sprung into action to make sure my injuries and damages wouldn’t get swept aside by the other driver’s insurance. My injuries were extensive and permanent, and the driver’s insurance was determined not to be held accountable. Courtny, Bill and the rest of the team at Curtis Law Group, worked diligently to ensure I would have the means to provide proper care for the injuries I received from the car accident. Courtny always made sure every question I asked was answered  and that I was never left out of any decision- they truly listened and included my opinion at every step of the way. Even after the trial won, paperwork signed and the case being DONE, Courtny continued fighting to make sure I got every possible resource available (and owed) to me.. I received a phone call after our case was finished to let me know they, once again, WON against insurance and I would be receiving more support. I cannot recommend Curtis Law Group enough and 5 stars isn’t nearly enough praise to show my gratitude for everything the whole team at Curtis Law Group did for me. You are in great hands with this firm on your side!

– Rachel Magee


“I recommend Curtis Law Group”

– Reta Reyna


“Bill Curtis is incredibly knowledgeable about how to approach complicated pharmaceutical and product liability cases. When you go to war against these giant drug companies, you want him on your side.”

– Ken Suggs, Former President, Assoc. of Trial Lawyers


“Excellent service with Courtney Haning, she was very professional and efficient. Helped me settle my claim fast. 100% recommended.”

– Marilyn Garcia