Holding the Negligent Accountable for Over 20 Years

Representing Victims of Truck Wrecks, Catastrophic Injuries and Dangerous Drugs Nationwide.

The Dallas-based Curtis Law Group helps individuals and families nationwide pursue financial justice and real recovery when a company's negligence causes serious injury or death.  Our law firm is a nationally-recognized leader in plaintiffs' personal injury trial law. Our attorneys combine decades of experience and personal dedication to clients with a proven record of success in litigating complex and high-profile cases. Bill Curtis has built the firm’s reputation with successful verdicts, settlements, appeals and favorable decisions across the country. 

The team at Curtis Law Group currently has cases pending in more than a two dozen states. With resources and finances available to take on the powerful interests that have caused you and your family harm, our firm is committed to providing quality representation for clients who are seriously injured and families of victims who are killed as a result of the negligence or misconduct of others.

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In the course of our work on behalf of injured clients, we have successfully pursued lawsuits against some of the largest trucking companies, product manufacturers and drug makers in the United States.

We have obtained substantial recoveries for clients injured by truck wrecks, catastrophic injuries and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that have become almost synonymous with serious side-effects and fatal complications.

If you have questions regarding any serious injury or death that you believe may have been caused by a truck wreck, a catastrophic injury or a dangerous drug, please contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.