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How has Paragard failed the women who chose this birth control?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Defective Products |

Pregnancy and birth are major health issues for women that have historically caused a huge number of female deaths. Obviously, women have an interest in managing their own fertility and preventing unwanted and possibly risky pregnancies.

Many forms of birth control require constant maintenance. Certain forms of birth control require not just daily medication but also exact timing for the drugs to be as effective as possible. Compared with that, Paragard seems like a great solution. This copper intrauterine device IUD can provide up to 10 years of 99% effective birth control.

Unfortunately, it causes serious issues in a small number of women who choose this option.

Paragard can migrate or break apart

The two biggest issues with Paragard involve it moving to another area other than where the physician initially placed it and the device actually breaking apart while in a woman’s body.

Migration issues can lead to birth control failing or uterine rupture in extreme cases. The device breaking apart can also lead to unintended pregnancy and possibly severe infections. Complications from Paragard could impact future fertility or in extreme cases even a person’s life.

Even if a woman receives proper healthcare after an issue with her Paragard, she may have thousands of dollars in lost income and medical bills because of the problems with what should have been effective and reliable birth control. Women negatively affected by Paragard may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer of this device.

Connecting the losses you have suffered from your Paragard issues can be motivation to take civil action.