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What if you are not sure why a car crash happened?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Car Accidents |

You suffered catastrophic injuries in a car crash and are lying in a hospital bed thinking about two things: First, how much is this going to cost, and how are you going to afford it? Second, what happened? 

Recalling what happened in the seconds before a collision can be tough, especially if you took a blow to the head in the process. While the other driver may know full well what happened, they will not admit that they did anything wrong because it will harm their chance to fight your claim. Instead, they and their insurer may blame you, which can be hard to refute if you only have a vague memory of the event.

You cannot rely on the police to determine all the crash details

The police should have done a thorough job of collecting evidence at the scene. Yet, you cannot rely on it. You need to have a team do your own investigations and determine any contributing factors the police may have overlooked or dismissed. Remember, the other driver will have their team doing precisely that and trying to disprove any theories the police have that hold them responsible.

Here are a few things to think about that might not be evident from a few skid marks and a heap of shattered glass:

  • The other driver was affected by their medication: The police should have noticed if the other driver was drunk or if their car reeked of marijuana. Yet, their tests may not discover prescription medications caused the driver to be less alert.
  • The other driver was not paying attention: You might be able to check phone records and prove the driver was midway through a call when they hit you. Alternatively, if they were traveling with a child or pet, or there is coffee all over their dashboard, it may suggest their attention was elsewhere.
  • The other driver had vision problems: Do you recall if the driver was wearing glasses? If you find out they usually wear glasses but were not at the time, it may suggest fault.

Getting the total amount of compensation you are entitled to in a car crash requires an open mind. Only by looking at all possible factors can you determine which played a role in the collision.