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Long-term financial impacts of an auto accident spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Car Accidents |

People who sustain catastrophic injuries in car crashes are likely to face crushing medical expenses. Spinal cord injuries, in particular, are among the most severe.

Many people have auto insurance to cover these costs, however, insurance is often unfortunately not enough to cover the total costs associated with serious back injuries.

Medical costs often reach seven figures

Some auto insurance policies will provide for a quarter of a million or even half of a million dollars’ in bodily injury liability coverage. This may seem like a lot, however, this amount is usually not enough to cover a spinal cord injury.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation points out a couple of average scenarios. An individual 50 years of age who sustains a spinal cord injury that impacts motor function will require an estimated $1,113,990 in care costs. A 25 year old with a more severe spinal cord injury will likely need upwards of $4,724,181 in medical care throughout the course of their life.

Spinal cord injuries and earning potential

Depending on the severity of the injury, many people who sustain permanent spinal cord injuries are unable to return to their previous job and may have limitations on earning potential.

Cases involving quadriplegia, for instance, affect the use of a person’s arms and lower body. If an individual previously performed physical work, such an injury would not allow them to return.

Seeking the right compensation

Every situation differs but here’s the bottom line: ensure that you or your loved one seeks and obtains the compensation needed for your situation today and in the years to come.

Whether that involves financial resources to pay for medical bills, surgical procedures, physical therapy, occupational therapy, lost wages or other losses – getting the help of a personal injury attorney with experience handling these cases is vital to ensuring appropriate financial calculations are made in accordance to your specific age and other circumstances.