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Have you lost a leg after a road traffic collision?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Car Accidents |

While the majority of car journeys are completed safely across Dallas, Texas, there are still a significant number of collisions. The injuries suffered in these crashes range from minor to severe.

One of the most devastating injuries to occur during a crash is amputations to the legs. How do these occur? What are the different treatment options and can you pursue legal compensation for these harms?

Below-knee amputations

With your feet sitting in the footwell of the vehicle or operating the pedals, your legs are generally the body part closest to the front of the car. This means that they are often the most exposed part of your body during a head-on collision. The engine may be pushed back onto your legs during a crash, meaning that your feet suffer severe crush injuries. Sometimes, the damage to your lower legs may be so severe that amputation below the knee is the only option.

Above-knee amputations

The impact of a collision may be so severe that the front of the car crushes your legs above the knee area. Injuries may spread to your thighs and hips. When the crash has exposed the upper parts of your legs, this increases the risk of a larger portion of your legs having to be amputated. Doctors may decide to amputate your leg above the knee.

Your options

With advancing technology and treatment, there are a number of medical options open to you. With prosthetics and intensive physical therapy, you could make a relatively speedy recovery. However, none of this is free and you will have to adapt. Obtaining legal compensation for your suffering will offer some comfort and justice.